Complicated bets need this technology.

Complicated bets; players accept what they get but are doubtful as to the accuracy.

Minor mistakes in the day to day running of a casino can quickly add up to millions over a year. Casino executives should be aware of this and as such should employ this technology.

If a dealer ( croupier) made just one “ minor” error per day, such as paying some of the colour payout in cash chips and accidentally mistook the colour chips for $10 chips instead of the correct $5 chips then the cash equivalent of 200 pieces would be a $1,000 mistake.

The WinAR would display the error for all to see where the error would be noticed (surveillance, supervisor, Dealer (croupier ) , the player and finally the management.)

Just once a day would add up to $365,000 JUST ONE MISTAKE per day.

European and Australian roulette uses single zero whereas the US uses the double zero game. This is not played as much as the single zero as the players know the odds are bad. The single zero has a 2.7% house advantage.

It does not take a genius to understand that if a big player is playing $5,000 per spin and the house spin rate is 10 spins per hour ( this spin rate is factual) then with this technology a 100% improvement in spin rate will be attained.

2.7% of $5,000 per hour at 10 spins per hour equates to $1,375 profit

2.7% of $5,000 per hour at 20 spins per hour equates to $2,700 profit.

It does not take long to add up.

In no way should this technology ever be used continually. Only in the case of complicated bets. Dealers should be given a procedure to follow.

In the case of bets totalling more than a certain number of chips etc.

The procedure should also include the payouts be entered when the cash equivalent of large chips is needed. Casino management could set their own procedure agenda.

USA casinos could now total their bets into one payout making their game more efficient.

( The inventor of this technology was a very experienced casino dealer and casino manager. That same person knows that after some time away from everyday dealing it is very difficult to work out complicated bets. Therefore the general management of casinos would have the same problem and would have to trust the supervisors. The supervisors are now watching up to eight tables at a time making it impossible for them to notice errors.)

The hardware and software for the WinAR was completed approx 6 years ago.

Casino operators claimed that while there was a place for the WinAR they did not want two displays on each roulette table. We therefore offered some technology companies to participate in combining WinAR and the Roulette number displays.

TCS was interested and later John Huxley was also interested, this was before their amalgamation.

Anton Churchill of CTL ( Casino Technologies always believed in the WinAR and has included it in his iCONix system ( The complete live game and media information system for casinos)